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You don't have to figure out everything on your own.  We have a team of Coaches and Disciple-Makers who would love to help you take some next steps...because everybody deserves a chance to fall in love with Jesus, live in spiritual community, and become part of a movement.


Paul D. Watson - Movement Coach/Founder

Paul is really good at helping people think through the big picture of what it would take to be a part of starting a movement in their city, state, or province.

Paul grew up overseas and got to see the birth of a modern Disciple Making Movement as his parents worked among an unreached people group in Northern India.  Much later in life, God called him to devote his life to helping people fall in love with Jesus by training disciple-makers and their teams around the world.  Along with a few friends, Paul founded Contagious Disciple Making to apply the principles of Disciple Making Movements in the USA and Canada so that people who wouldn't normally go to church would have a chance to fall in love with Jesus and live in spiritual community.

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J.D. Heder - City Coach, Corvallis Area, OR

J.D. is really good at training & coaching people into greater engagement and effectiveness in God's mission on the earth. He calls people into action and missional application of the Bible to their daily lives.

J.D. was trained in Disciple-Making Movements in college by a campus ministry that had been trained by Paul. Since that time -- and especially since taking a course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement -- J.D. has been seeking to implement movement principles and has been training others as well. He loves languages and other cultures, and has lived & worked among refugees and international students. He loves music, teaching, soccer and corporate prayer.


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Rebecca Ewing - City Coach, Columbia Area, South Carolina/COO

Rebecca is really good at helping busy people explore the intersection of disciple-making and lasting social change so they can see their place in God's plan to redeem their families, cities, and - ultimately - their nation.

After working as the Pro-life Coalition Leader for South Carolina in the 2016 Presidential primary election,  Rebecca built a Christian non-profit along with other Christian leaders across the state called The Alliance to equip Christians in cultural activism and to be a network among those that are already active within their culture and communities. She also created Gospel Engagement Teams that train local Christians in apologetics, Biblical worldview, and evangelism and organize participants to culturally engage and transform their cities for Christ.

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Lindsey Wenzlick - Disciple Maker (Portland Metro Area)

Lindsey is really good at helping people discover their personality, purpose, and assignment as they explore how God wants them to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission - in the USA, Canada, or around the world.

Whether directing an after-school program in the city or serving at healing ministry on a farm the country, wearing many hats at a theatre/coffeeshop ministry or providing childcare for teenage mothers, teaching line-dance lessons or living in missional community, goofing off or taking life seriously, traveling around the world or living her whole life in the Midwest, Lindsey is learning who she is in Christ and how He created her to interact with His creation.  She is a dancer, a dreamer, an adventurer, a cheerleader, a child of God, a bride of the King.

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Ben Hunnicutt - Disciple Maker (Portland Metro Area)

Ben is really good at inspiring and encouraging people to discover and walk with Jesus. 

Ben was born and raised in California with a passion for music and discovering how to live out his identity as a child of God. Through studying history, culture, language, religion and a Bachelor's in communication and spending time in South Asia and Eastern Europe, Ben has nurtured a passion for helping people find out who they were created to be. Ben loves playing and teaching guitar and drums, singing, volleyball, ping-pong, personality types and performing arts, and now studies an MBA in entrepreneurship. He hopes to use all of these things to guide people toward discovering and falling in love with Jesus.

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Kingsley Hunnicutt - Disciple Maker (Portland Metro Area)

Kingsley has a heart to see the nations come to know and follow Jesus not just on Sunday but in everyday life. 

Kingsley has college level missions training, having taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course numerous times and its big brother college program INSIGHT. He has spent years serving overseas in Slovenia leading summer camps and discipling youth, and in India doing language learning and Scripture interpretation. He has also worked to resettle, welcome, and disciple refugees, and has experience leading worship and teaching music. Kingsley thinks it's important that people are heard and valued. While you won't always see him up front, Kingsley's pastoral tendencies open up opportunities to shepherd people along in their walks with Christ. Whether thriving behind the scenes or preferring tangible action, servanthood is another distinction about how God works through Kingsley.

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Kimberly Hathaway - Advisory Group

Kimberly is really good at helping people figure out what they need to do to build a prayer team that will support them as they help people fall in love with Jesus, build spiritual communities, and become part of movements.  Trying to do all this without prayer is a nightmare.  If you haven't thought about prayer, you need to talk with Kimberly.

Kimberly is a native Oregonian and has spent most of her life in the Northwest. Raised in the church Kimberly was always taken with people and had a heart for the hurting. Because of this she pursued a Bachlor’s in Psychology and Master’s degree in social work and has done mission work overseas in Jamaica, Uganda, and Honduras.

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Christi Watson - Advisory Group

Christi is really good at helping people take a vision and turn it into a plan.  Her mind naturally sees the potential, as well as the potential pitfalls, of an idea and think through the details to necessary to make an outreach idea or a training event a success.

Christi knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time she was 9 years old.  What she didn't know was that 12 years in the class room, a Master's Degree in Inter-disciplinary Studies, and being a mother to three children, prepared her to help people think through all the details necessary to put together effective plans to for things that create opportunities to help people fall in love with Jesus.

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