Webinar: Expanding the Kingdom in Lockdown

Webinar: Expanding the Kingdom in Lockdown

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How can we partner with God to expand His Kingdom during this worldwide disaster? How can our churches not only meet the needs of its congregants through this trial but also become stronger and influence others within our communities?

This webinar talks both about some practical, simple tools for congregants to make a difference and organizational strategies for pastors and church leaders as they navigate their churches during this time.

This webinar addresses how you and your church can:

  • Deepen discipleship and community
  • Repurpose programs, ministries, and resources to fulfill the same Kingdom Purpose
  • Activate your congregation to glorify Christ in your city
  • Raise up new leadership
  • Use technology to deepen relationships, not further distance them
  • Expand the reach of your church to those who need God
  • Set up a thriving culture that will enhance your current church structures and goals once the quarantine is lifted

This resource was developed upon the foundational principles of disaster relief, leadership and community development, and Disciple Making Movement. Paul Watson, founder and co-author of Contagious Disciple Making, co-teaches this webinar with Rebecca Ewing, COO of CDM. Rebecca and Paul personally coaching over 55 ministry leaders around the US and the world. Paul additionally has lead in various disaster reliefs, ran a homeless shelter, and attained certification as an EMT.

Here are the links to other resources mentioned during the webinar:

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